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Pre-Order From Your Favorite Vendor

We are offering all our vendors to do pre-orders so even if we rain out, you will have your items delivered to ENDVR Community Gym on your requested Sunday market day.

As they sign up to offer Pre-Orders, we will list each vendor here with a link to their offerings.

How it works

You place an order with the participating vendor (on the right).  Each Vendor will have your order ready for you per instructions in the order.  These orders will be available at their booth for pickup.  If we rain out or too cold to be open, your order will be available for pickup inside the ENDVR Gym until 4:00 pm on Market Day.

Pre-Order Here,
Pick Up on Market Day

ENDVR Active Comm Gym

Visit the Gym at to see what they offer to the neighbors and pick up some gear while you are there by click here.

Next Steps Academics

Empowering underprivileged students in Texas to achieve their dreams. Our experts provide unwavering guidance toward a brighter tomorrow.

Suckerpunch Gourmet

These pickles pack a punch! Check out their styles, flavors, pickle shooters and drink mixes!

Hanna Mobile Notary Srvcs

Need a Will notarized? Quit Claim? Schedule some time on Sundays or Call for Mobile Appointment any other day of the week.


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