In order to promote a family friendly experience for our neighbors, we would like you to agree to our guidelines. Accessing and completing the application acknowledges the receipt of and agreement to these guidelines. Any questions should be addressed to

  1. Before each Market Day we are all working to promote this community market, so we would like you to post, post, post! In addition to your posting, we will have a social media team working to promote the market and each individual vendor as they sign up and throughout the month each month. Our logo file is available to be sent for you to use within your social media posts, and we would like to invite you to email any photos, logos, specials, and any other promotional items to for our team to use in promoting your business, As the G5W Farmers Market grows so does your business, so let’s work together.
  2. Timing is everything. Setup time is less rigid than tear down. Be prepared to get your items out after the close of Market before the deadline as we all have time commitments after the market. There is usually a sport team practice scheduled after 6:00pm. ENDVR stays busy in our community!
  3. Bring quality products that will attract and keep customers. Products must be made by the vendor or Coop renting space. We are looking for healthy living products, food items, and anything produced by your team.
  4. We at the Greater Fifth Ward Farmers Market are proud to offer the manicured space to host your sales, but we are unable to provide structures, tables and chairs for use in your 10×10 space. Please remember to bring leg weights of at least 20 pounds per leg for any tents or canopies. The space is near the waterfront and has a nice breeze on most days, but can get quite windy on other days and safety is our main concern. We will ask any structures/tents/canopies/tables to be removed immediately if they are deemed unsafe by Market Management.
  5. We are all in this together, so if you are unsure of how to build an attractive display, we are here to help. All spots must be neat and clean for the duration of the event, and we are glad to answer any and all questions about setup. Any concerns should be brought to our attention as we are looking forward to a growing community of vendors.
  6. You are encouraged to have or develop an online presence. ENNDVR has partnered with Jabberwocky Trading Post (JTP) to host this community market. The staff at JTP believes in this community and would like to offer services to any vendors that need help starting or growing their social media presence, online sales websites, vendor services in order to take credit cards, and any questions on linking your presence to our market.
  7. Vendors are encouraged to sell pre-orders to customers from their own online presence. We are suggesting this unique feature to help build repeat customers. Our website,, will host an entire list of vendors offering this wonderful new option. We will link to your sales page from one centralized location that will be marketed weekly according to our existing social media and marketing campaigns. Our friendly staff will be offering their services to help any Vendor wanting to develop your online shopping presence. Contact us at to discuss rates and schedule an appointment.
  8. As we expand our community, we would like to remind vendors to be courteous and polite to the customers and conduct themselves professionally while on the G5W Farmers Market Campus. Offensive language, gestures, inappropriate clothing, and improper treatment of staff, volunteers, or other vendors do not have a place in our family-friendly community.
  9. Please leave your space clean. There is a dumpster available onsite, and you are welcome to dispose of items at the end of the market for trash pickup.
  10. Vendors will refrain from playing movies, games, music, or any other high-volume activities within their booth.
  11. No vaping, smoking, alcoholic beverage consumption, or drugs will be allowed at the Market Days. We are working within a family-friendly environment and want to promote healthy living.
  12. Dogs are welcome on leash only.  Aggressive or any dog deemed dangerous will be asked to leave. Everyone is welcome to use the Dog Wash. 

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